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CHE (Campaign for Homosexual Equality) submitted a motion on a Statute of Limitation to this year's Annual General Meeting of LIBERTY (The National Council for Civil Liberty).

The motion had been passed unanimously by CHE in 2008 and CHE has been affiliated to LIBERTY for more than 20 years.

But just submitting this motion has resulted in LIBERTY chucking CHE out – after saying the motion was unacceptable for debate.

So much for LIBERTY
So much for free speech
So much for fair debate

More news later

Money Appeal

All the time we’ve been operating we’ve only had our own little bits of money Plus sometimes £20 or so for doing a talk to a Gay group - So we’ve not had a bank account.
But CHE have now given us £500 in a cheque. Ta.
And we’ve opened a bank account so we can now appeal for funds.

We also now have a PAYPAL account!

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Child Abuse? - by Ray Gosling

“I am fairly absolutely sure however pretty I could never ever (almost 100% certain) go off or even want to go off in any way with a lad of 12, or 13 – even if they wanted 14 no I think no 15 maybe 16/17 oh yeah if they wanted. (I have by the way been 100% monogamous for last 20 years – but he was 17/ he says 16 when I met him – and I’d be 50.  But then he wanted me.  He didn’t chase but in bed it was him more than me. Why – neither of us quite understand and he’s a heterosexual whatever one of those is because obviously he’s not with me.  And know he doesn’t fuck me. Our sex which he instigates is me to play with him and me to do, me to suck etc. him and it’s becoming quite difficult at 70. But he’s beautifully well mannered in bed – after he’s cum he’ll make sure I cum and am satisfied.

And there’s no gang ups, no hold ups him holding back. Him stroking kissing me is a norm and easy peasy and I don’t think it’s easy holding stroking kissing a 70 year old man.  I don’t ask him – he does it out of …??? – I don’t think it is sexual attraction I think it is love and out of that comes the sexual ability – because he knows I want it. If I can.  

It’s a fact not only do older men fancy younger – how does the old Maurice Chevalier ballad go in English “Thank heaven for little girls – they get bigger every day.  It’s a fact of life the older fancy the young - girls - and boys. Hello Mrs. Robinson. It is often a fact of life that the younger body will fancy – yes fancy sexually an older body chasing him or her. And yes going with them. Often the younger is the chaser, the enticer. We’ve seen this running gaymonitor loads and loads of times.

Gay Monitor is a website been going for ten years run by myself and the veteran gay rights campaigner Allan Horsfall a founder of CHE. (Campaign for Homosexual Equality).    gaymonitor   befriends and tries to keep some monitor on or with male gays caught up in police and court proceedings.

The most notorious incident would in the case of JASON AND THE VICAR. The Vicar was accused by this 30 something year old ex-lad of messing with him when he was 14 or / and 15.  He stayed overnight at the vicarage and slept in the Vicar’s bed and was molested and masturbated off – that’s the allegation.  Now – as is usual in these cases once one allegation is made the police and c.p.s. and child protection of social services go out trawling for any similar incidents involving other boys.  So in this JASON case after Jason had made his accusations in open court – “what you did to me fucked up my life…I hope you rot in hell…” etc.  a secondary witness was called – a young ex-lad by the prosecution to say he’d stayed over night at the vicarage and he’d been messed with too. Suddenly during the trial when the prosecution barrister asked the ex-lad “how did he mess with you.”  The answer flabbergasted the jury – the answer.  No.  It were me – we were just having  a playful run about the sofa and when he got close it was me as unzipped him and I put his cock in my mouth.  No further questions.  The defence did however have a further question. WHY ?  The ex-lad replied.  I don’t know.  We all liked him – all the lads. I just thought he might like me touching his willy and I put it in my mouth.  That’s all.

The defence called a host of other ex-choir boys, ex altar boys and lads club boys and some girls who’d stayed in the very big multi bedroomed vicarage Anglo Catholic overnight and nowt untoward had happened to them and they’d all loved the Vicar.  They all knew the Vicar had a special closeness to Jason in that he came from a troubled broken family and was pretty and a very talented young boxer and boxing was one of the Vicar’s interests.  But they never saw anything untoward between the Vicar and Jason – it was rather Jason asking more than the others could he stay sleep over and Jason had his own bedroom.  The bachelor Vicar had admitted he ran an open house and his own door was never locked and Jason had often left his own sleepover bedroom and crept into bed with the Vicar  for a cry and a cuddle in the middle of some nights. At the end of this trial the jury found the Vicar  unanimously not guilty.

My childhood was 60 years ago and we had a rhyme as a child. 
This’d be in the 1950s
                                 “Tis only human nature afterall
                                   To put a little girl beside a wall 
                                   To take down her protection 
                                   And push in your connection.
                                   Tis only human nature after all.

Not that we did much of that in 1950s – some boys did but the general rule among us boys was that that sexual behaviour was fraught. Girls might try to trap you. There was no morning after pill then and contraceptives were in some infancy and  difficult.  Sex was between us boys – boys on your own wanking and boys wanking other boys. We did this underneath our classroom desks while class was on.
But  sometimes the sex was letting a schoolmaster a scoutmaster or  sometimes the clergy wank you off.  We’d never see their willies.  They’d never take your pants down – it was sitting in their lap and their hand up from your naked knee up your short trousered thigh and into your tackle and after you’d cum they’d say “there feel better now”.  And we did.  How they the masters or clergy got their sexual satisfaction one never knew – nor cared at the time. This was just a fair norm for a third of the boys in the school.  How do I know ?  Because I go back to the school and talk about these matters with friends in the old boys association – none of whom are gay but they know I am and in the rugby club bar late at night we’ll have schoolday reminiscences – did you not know so and so  was at it. I was sure you knew.  Sure he was having you. Knew. No  I never knew I might say I’d have loved him too but he never and I never knew. Yeah my old mate’ll relate he was up my trouser leg all the time and he talked of you.  Well it was never never and how I wished it had been. And sometimes drinking on, one of the old boys might  follow me to the rugby club toilets and might say if we’re private  in the stalls – Ray if you ever see me in Abington Street and I’m with the wife (because I’ve a new wife now) don’t ever bring this up.  I know what you’re like Ray. Don’t. No I won’t and  I don’t.

Now these matters I do not regard as any crime.  No one got reported at the time. No one reported later. No one ever got done. No one snitched on. Homosexuality was - male homosexuality was completely against the law but went on in school, in the park, in the cinema  – in everywhere and  no one was done and the term  child abuse didn’t exist.  No one was hurt.  Those who didn’t want didn’t do And even me who often liked it a lot would just as often remove a wandering hand from my thigh and say no and my no be respected.  And no one was harmed. And no one complained The majority went on to marry and father children and be normal whatever that might mean. And now these  years later in the rugby club among the old boys I’m the only known gay. I mean there were classmates who I suppose were swats or pansies and went on to be gay but they’re not the ilk to be seen in a rugby club. I am and everyone knows and  no hostility no mocking limp wrist piss take has ever ever been shown to me.  Quite the reverse.  I was a hero then and I’m a hero now. And we were grammar school boys – sometimes a slightly sociological remark will pass up to a paragraph – “God if what happened then happened now. God what arrests there’d be and child protection….et al…”  But then this was what boys did then mostly with boys but often an adult with a boy.  We thought nothing of it – just did it.  And it went on in secondary moderns too – my barber, Lee at Funky Crop Shop in Manchester  who went to a sec mod in my town a generation later tells me oh him and the P.T. teacher cause he was fit – they were an affair - and boys with boys with him and his sec mod was a mixed school. 



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