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CHE (Campaign for Homosexual Equality) submitted a motion on a Statute of Limitation to this year's Annual General Meeting of LIBERTY (The National Council for Civil Liberty).

The motion had been passed unanimously by CHE in 2008 and CHE has been affiliated to LIBERTY for more than 20 years.

But just submitting this motion has resulted in LIBERTY chucking CHE out – after saying the motion was unacceptable for debate.

So much for LIBERTY
So much for free speech
So much for fair debate

More news later

Money Appeal

All the time we’ve been operating we’ve only had our own little bits of money Plus sometimes £20 or so for doing a talk to a Gay group - So we’ve not had a bank account.
But CHE have now given us £500 in a cheque. Ta.
And we’ve opened a bank account so we can now appeal for funds.

We also now have a PAYPAL account!

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New Dark Age?

Sometimes it seems to us we’re back in some homophobic Dark Ages again.
And opportunities for horny, sexy boys to have some sex with boys and/ or men is now worse than it ever has been.  What do we mean by boys – well 16, 18, 20, 22.
What do we mean by “boys” – well be very clear gay monitor has never ever had anything to do with paedophilia by which we mean some sex with the pre pubescent.  Never ever.  Never will.  Allan and Ray have no convictions NONE.
But we look around us – the public toilets have largely gone.
The public toilets in the parks, in town centres that were a place where men picked up – are shut. Ray – when he was a teenager was a Dilly Boy at Piccadilly Circus W.1. Gone – all of that scene.  Canning Circus in Nottingham – bricked.  Chorlton Street Manchester – demolished.

Let's explain what we mean.
In the period after the second world war into the 1950s/ 1960s public toilets for men were everywhere. In most toilets most places men went in for a piss and that was that – but there were “cottages” in every town and district – where boys with boys and men with boys would meet. And some sort of sex might occur. They were very accessible – to the camp and the straight, to the bi and the hetero who just fancied a bit of a try.

Oh nowadays there’s a GAY SCENE all legal and gay gays love it – in Brighton and Blackpool, London, Manchester, Birmingham too – but that scene is very frightening to the NORMAL GAY / BI/ HETERO who just wonders what it might be like to try.

Give another example – in the 1950s almost every town had its QUEER BAR       - The Fitzroy north of Oxford Street,(Quentin Crisp’s London local)  The Long Bar and The Ogden in Manchester, the Colehearne in Earls Court, The Lisbon in Liverpool. These pubs were friendly and easy to pick up.
Often in smaller towns the queer bar’d be a corner of the “county hotel” – quite posh and very nice and no music and relatively easy for “boys” to drift in relatively unafraid.
These have – not entirely – but to a large part gone now as the gays have gone to the disco, the music – the gayness.  As if they the gays have killed off  NORMAL GAY LIFE  by being TOO GAY.

The boys with boys gone – unless of course you ARE GAY really gay.

Of course the InterNet/ Facebook Twitter – aye.  Read our website for trouble on the Facebook.  And for me (Ray) no Facebook can beat the confrontation in the park. Ask George Michael and what would he say ?

And now to a third category where the availability of sex has gone gone gone.

From Ray by Ray
“When I was a boy I was a boy scout and after scouts the Vicar – this is C of E High Church – would pop into church hall in his cassock and collar and do a short blessing – and then, not every time, but quite often he’d say to me (sotto voce) Raymond, because I was Raymond then.  You can come round the Vicarage if you want.  And oh I wanted.  He’d get rid of his housekeeper – he was a bachelor – and play a record – oh Vaughan  Williams, Stravinsky all that I leant at his knee – because he’d say sit over here if you want: sit on my knee  and did I want  and he’d put his hand up my short trousers and wank me off – “There”. I suppose I’d have come in my underpants – God knows what he did.  But I never saw his dick.  That was all it was – “There: feeling better now Raymond.”  And I was.
No Vicar 2009 would dare dare do that.
What are our kids missing out on.

And among ourselves – boy scouts, in the choir, in the grammar school there was so much homosexuality – and today you’d be mad to try.
Oh and by the way no one grew up gay but me.
What was then “fun” or “relief” is now abuse.

Somehow it turned The law bit by bit legalised this and legalised that and then brought in this law and that regulation – no sex with this no sex with that.
Rules change – but the old prejudice aint gone away.  Yep I blame a lot on Esther Rantzen and I regret and some days I think we’re back in the Dark Ages of homophobia. And some days I look at lads – 18/ 19 and they look back at me with a smile and – am I wishful thinking – a bit of yearning for what used to be called “company” and 99/100 even if they asked “take me to bed” I would say NO – and cry my way home.   



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